Our Rates & Services - Contact us for more information on our Rates & Services, Event Free Space for hire and detailed equipment list.

Recording and Mixing

We offer a full range of Music Production, High Quality Recording, High-End Mixing, and other customized audio and visual services for our clients all over the world.


Our studio design, excellent mastering equipment and experience allow us to provide outstanding audio mastering services at affordable rates.

Cafe for Events

Our unique cafe was created within an upcycled space adjacent to the stage and bar. It has a rustic romatic charm which is bright and roomy and can be utilized for parties, meetings, and special events.

Sound Design

We offer customized sound design solutions for your particular project and event. Our creative engineers and producers can achieve the unique quality sound you want.

Music Production

Our producers and engineers work with speed and a vision for the process to help you achieve the highest quality recording at an affordable rate.

Live stage & bar for events

Spacious and comfortable live stage and bar available for pre-production and special live events. A unique open space with quality pro sound and lighting. Also drink bar with staff available as needed..

Location Filming

We also offer location film sourcing and scouting for your particular video project. We have a variety of unique buildings and natural enviroments that can be utilized to create your vision.

Video Soundtrack Production

We can also produce, record and mix hi-end video sountracks. With a vision for the creative process, we help you achieve the sound you want.

Full Service Accommodation

During your recording session stay at our antique house adjacent to the studio and enjoy a spacious and open environment with comfortable bedding, lounge and kitchen facilities.